Vol 9, No 1 (March 30, 2023): Journal of Spine Surgery

Original Article

Assessing in vivo flexion-extension quality of motion after cervical disc arthroplasty: a pilot study
Chi Hau Tan, Avinash Patwardhan, Nova Thani
The importance of “time to surgery” in the management of lumbar disc herniation in patients without progressive neurological deficits
Ishani Gurung, Matthew S. Jones, Paul Jugurnauth, Ahmad M. Wafai
The effect of expandable versus static lordotic interbody implants in minimally invasive spine surgery: patient reported outcomes, sagittal alignment, and restoration of disc height and foraminal height
Donald W. Kucharzyk, Dushan Budimir, Erik I. Waldorff, Laura C. Shum, Christopher Vannabouathong
Single-level posterior cervical foraminotomy associated with increased incidence of early postoperative wound infection rates relative to anterior cervical discectomy with fusion and cervical disc arthroplasty
Mitchell K. Ng, Ahmed K. Emara, Prashant V. Rajan, Daniel Grits, Neil Pathak, Kenneth Ng, Dominic W. Pelle, Afshin Razi
A critical appraisal of Evicore’s guidelines for advanced diagnostic imaging of the spine for lower extremity pain with neurological features
Lainey Grey Bukowiec, Nareena Imam, Jay Zaifman, Brandon Stahl, John Koerner
Lumbar fusion during the COVID-19 pandemic: greater rates of morbidity and longer procedures
Junho Song, Austen D. Katz, Sheeraz A. Qureshi, Sohrab S. Virk, Vishal Sarwahi, Jeff Silber, David Essig
Outcomes of surgical intervention for degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis: a comparative analysis of different surgical fixation techniques
Feroz Jadhakhan, David Bell, Alison Rushton

Surgical Technique

Bone wax technique for full-endoscopic lumbar laminotomy
Tatsushi Inoue, Masahiro Joko, Fumiaki Saito, Jun Muto, Hiroki Takeda, Shinjiro Kaneko, Yuichi Hirose

Case Report

Ruminococcus gnavus, an unusual cause of surgical site infection following vertebral posterior instrumentation: a case report
María C. Solans-Lopez, Mar Sanchez-Somolinos, Cristina Igualada-Blazquez, Tania Quevedo-Narciso, Edmundo Vicente-Herrera, Oscar Riquelme-García, Luis Esparragoza-Cabrera
Abducens nerve palsy associated with pseudomeningocele after cervical spine surgery: a case report
José M. Hernández-Mateo, Óscar Riquelme-García, Cristina Igualada-Blázquez, María C. Solans-López, Luis A. Esparragoza-Cabrera