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Vascular injury risk stratification for lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) at L4–L5: a morphometric study using magnetic resonance imaging
Takashi Hirase, Aaron J. Greenberg, Catherine G. Ambrose, Derek T. Bernstein, Jeffrey J. Ratusznik, Rex A. W. Marco
Perioperative outcomes of cervical disc arthroplasty: no difference between orthopaedic and neurologic surgeons
Morad Chughtai, Prashant Rajan, Ahmed K. Emara, Daniel Grits, Mitchell Ng, Wasif Talpur, Dominic W. Pelle, Jason W. Savage, Thomas Mroz
Prospective 5-year follow-up of L5–S1 versus L4–5 midline decompression and interspinous-interlaminar fixation as a stand-alone treatment for spinal stenosis compared with laminectomies
Kingsley R. Chin, Jason A. Seale, Erik Spayde, William M. Costigan, Nishant Gohel, Daniel Aloise, Vito Lore
Patient-specific spinal rods in adult spinal deformity surgery reduce proximal junctional failure: a review of patient outcomes and surgical technique in a prospective observational cohort
Charlie R. Faulks, Dean T. Biddau, Nigel R. Munday, Dean P. McKenzie, Gregory M. Malham
Anterior column realignment (ACR) for focal kyphotic spinal deformity using an anterior to psoas approach and anterior longitudinal ligament release
Takashi Hirase, Sree M. Vemu, Caleb Shin, Rex A. W. Marco
The articular surface technique for lumbar pedicle screw placement: a 3D feasibility study
Gautham Prabhakar, Trevor Wait, Aaron Kolar, Yolanda Maldonado, Christopher Chaput
Does a relationship exist between preoperative expectations and overall satisfaction in spine surgery patients?—a prospective cohort study
Jacob Silver, Scott Mallozzi, Cameron Kia, Michael O’Sullivan, Mark Cote, Isaac Moss

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